Residential Internet

Review the difference service plans available below and get your Unlimited High-Speed Internet connection today!  Not interested in Unlimited Data?  Ask us about data plans and reduce your cost if you are a low volume user. Sign Up Now!

The Surfer

Category: General
Price: $54.95/month
Features: Good for E-mail and Browsing|5 Mbps Download |1 Mbps Upload |Unlimited Data

The Entertainer

Category: General
Price: $74.95/month
Features: Multiple Users and Devices |10 Mbps Download |2 Mbps Upload|Unlimited Data

The Movie Watcher

Category: General
Price: $94.95/month
Features: Good for HD Movies and Gaming|15 Mbps Download Burst|3 Mbps Upload|Unlimited data

The Full House

Category: General
Price: $129.95/Month
Features: Everything for Everybody|25 Mbps Download|5 Mbps Upload|Unlimited Data

* All plans are not available at all locations.  The signal of each individual connection determines the total speed available on that link.  In some areas, the maximum plan may be less than 5 Mbps.  There is an installation cost of  between $250 and $350 depending on the equipment installed.  This fee includes the cost of the equipment, the service activation, and professional installation.  The installation fee can be offset or lowered by committing to a contract term or by special promotions offered by Tennessee Wireless.  Be sure to ask when you contact us.

Also ask about the Tennessee Wireless Premium Care Program and leased or managed Wi-Fi options.