About Us

Welcome to Tennessee Wireless.  A local company that connects people.

Tennessee Wireless is a place where the Future Can’t Wait.  Since July of 2011 Tennessee Wireless has been meeting the needs of people in Middle Tennessee and getting them connected to the Internet.  We offer Fiber optic or Fixed Wireless Internet to your home or business.  In the three short years our Fixed Wireless network has grown to cover 175 square miles and a population of over 7,000 people and we continue to grow each month.  In addition, we are a full service IT company with over 60 years of combined IT experience.  We offer web hosting, telephone service, network design, engineering, and installation services.  And we have the capacity to monitor, manage and maintain your business network of any size and in any location.  We would be proud to serve your needs as well.

Unfortunately, the rural communities have been neglected by the big Internet players.  The population density and the maintenance on wires and fiber on poles makes if a very poor financial venture to serve our communities with traditional services.  However, the great truth about technology is it is always changing.  There have been developments in technology that the big companies have ignored because it does not fit their business model.  As a local company Tennessee Wireless has found this technology to be a perfect solution to meet the needs of our rural communities.