Coverage Map

Tennessee Wireless is a local company that serves the region South West of Nashville with Fiber and Fixed Wireless Internet Service.  A detailed service location tool for our Fixed Wireless offering is found below.  For more information on fiber services please indicate your interest in the comment section of the form.

To use the tool follow these quick steps:

  1. Enter the contact information and address and click “Submit”.  This will present a map and to verify the location.
  2. Click on the map to place a pin where service is requested.
  3. Once satisfied with the location click the submit button at the bottom of the map.

The tool will present a service location map that shows, as close as possible, the coverage area at the address requested.  Results showing in the green or red areas have a good possibility of coverage.  If results are showing outside of a colored area, there is still a chance service may be provided depending on the geography of the actual location.  A default setting for client locations of 15 feet has been used.  If the requested site has a TV antenna, a barn, or other usable structure that is taller than 15 feet an additional study can be completed verify how the additional height might alter the map results.  The Tennessee Wireless team is always willing to discuss exactly what it would take to get service and what type of service is available.

The team can be reached in person from 9-3 each weekday at (931) 729-4090.  If calling after hours please leave a voice mail and it will be emailed to the support staff who will return your call asap.  After hour calls are normally returned from 8 AM to 9 PM Monday Through Saturday.

To discuss options by email us, please indicate on the form below and one of the techs will respond by email.  The response goal for email contact is within 24 business hours Monday through Saturday.  The office is closed on Sunday except for emergency services.