Commercial Data Service

Tennessee Wireless is a full service IT company with over 60 years of combined IT experience.  We offer web hosting, telephone service, network design, engineering, and installation services.  And we have the capacity to monitor, manage and maintain your business network of any size and in any location.

Business Services offered

  • Web Hosting
  • VOIP Phone Service
  • Network engineering, Implementation and Monitoring
  • Co-location services – enjoy the benefits of having a professionally run local data center, or choose from some of the largest data centers in the nation through our vendor network.
  • Security monitoring – Monitor your security cameras on your phone from anywhere in the world.

DIA Fiber Internet service

Tennessee Wireless has teamed up with some of the best national and international providers of fiber services and can offer great rates on dedicated fiber connections for your business anywhere in the world.

Microwave Back haul Services

Bring high speed data to the remotest location.  Microwave speeds from 50 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

Back Up Internet Service – Regardless of your current provider, Tennessee Wireless can provide a back up Internet connection to insure your business services are always available when you and your customers need them most. No more missed sells due to credit card failure while your internet is off line.  Prices starting at $45 a month.

Tower Installation and Rigging

Tennessee Wireless provides a full complement of certified tower services from pouring the concrete in the ground to mounting the radios and lights on the top when the tower is complete.