High-speed Internet Available

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Tennessee Wireless's high-speed fiber optic Internet is available at your location.  Schedule your install today!

We are currently running a promotional, $10/month off for 6 months.  Get your monthly service for as low as $30/month

Internet Package and Options

*Current prices are promotional pricing.  After 6 months, price increases $10/month.

Fiber Basic

Great for streaming, video calls, web browsing, and messaging.

Fiber Deluxe

Great for 4K streaming and multiple users.

Fiber Premium

Great for gaming, streaming, and tons of users.

*WiFi Pro provides equipment insurance and a WiFi router.  For more details visit https://tennesseewireless.com/internet/

Installation Fee or Contract

We have two different options for the installation fee.

  1. $200 No long term contract
  2. Free with 2 year contract

You won't pay anything until you are installed.  Service is billed a month in advance.  The total bill at time of install will be installation fee + services for next month + the prorated amount for services for current month.

For example, if you choose Fiber Basic with WiFi pro, 2 year contract, and are installed on the 15th, your total will be about $60.

Contact Information

Service Address

Schedule Day and Time for Installation

Select the best days and times for installation.  You will receive a confirmation email once the day gets closer.  

If you have limited availability, need a definite time, or different day, let us know in the message field below.