High-speed Internet Available

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Tennessee Wireless's high-speed fiber optic Internet is available at your location.  Schedule your install today!

Internet Package and Options

Fiber Basic

Great for streaming, video calls, web browsing, and messaging.

Fiber Deluxe

Great for 4K streaming and multiple users.

Fiber Premium

Great for gaming, streaming, and tons of users.

*WiFi Pro provides equipment insurance and a WiFi router.  For more details visit https://tennesseewireless.com/internet/

Installation Fee or Contract

We have two different options for the installation fee.

  1. $200 No long term contract
  2. Free with 2 year contract

You won't pay anything until you are installed.  Service is billed a month in advance.  The total bill at time of install will be installation fee + services for next month + the prorated amount for services for current month.

For example, if you choose Fiber Basic with WiFi pro, 2 year contract, and are installed on the 15th, your total will be about $90.

Contact Information

Service Address

Schedule Day and Time for Installation

Select the best days and times for installation.  You will receive a confirmation email once the day gets closer.  

If you have limited availability, need a definite time, or different day, let us know in the message field below.