Totty’s Lumber Company Service Tower

We are pleased to announce High Speed Internet Service is available north of downtown, in what has previously been a broadband dead zone.

Totty’s Lumber Company worked with us to install a service tower at the lumber yard and we are now able to cover a significant number of homes that previously had no broadband Internet service available to them.

This tower will have an immediate range of about 3 miles with good line of site and the potential to serve well situated houses at a much further distance.  This means that any house or business on Highway 100 between the Sonic and the Fairfield area should give us a call if they are interested in high speed broadband Internet service.  Look for an updated service map coming soon.

In addition to providing a much larger service area, we will be able to add higher speed packages in the near future as well.  Keep an eye on the blog for more information regarding speed packages

Be sure to stop in at Totty’s and tell them thank you for their contribution in bringing Air Fiber to Hickman County!