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Tennessee Wireless signs 10 year contract with the Town of Centerville

Meeting with Centerville Mayor Bob Bohn


Tennessee Wireless will post its wireless data radios on six Centerville water towers and the roof of the golf course club-house, under a lease approved by the Board of Aldermen on November 13.

The Centerville company already operates a wireless system in several locations, including the water tower on Grinders Switch Road. The new water tower locations are: Columbia Avenue, Water Tower Road, Mobley Ridge and Nine Mile Road, and on Highway 100 West near Freeman Wood Products, in Centerville and Plesantville.

Paul Vaughn, Tennessee Wireless’s President, said it may take a year to erect all the wireless boxes. Work will begin at the golf course, in the Skyview Drive area, and he expects the unit near Freeman, serving the Brushy area, to be next.

“We may not use all of them,” Vaughn said. “We’ve got to grow in a sustained model.”

Interested residents can make request for service via a form that is accessible at

Vaughn said Tennessee Wireless recently completed a fiber upgrade, and purchased Orb Wireless of Lobelville. That step helps establish a long-term goal: developing a loop that includes Linden and Lobelville, so the service “can have a complete circle.”

The company’s 10-year lease with the Town of Centerville specifies that Tennessee Wireless will pay the town $50 per month per radio for the first six months, then $100 a month after that; and, after the first year, another $50 per month if more than two radios are placed in service at any one of the locations.

Tennessee Wireless expanding through agreement with town – Brad Martin – HIckman County Times

Tennessee Wireless Expands to Lobelville, TN

Tennessee Wireless is pleased to announce the purchase of OrbWireless in Lobelville, TN. Orbwireless has been serving the Lobelville community for several years and we are happy to incorporate them into the Tennessee Wireless network.

Over the coming Months we expect to upgrade and expand the network in Lobelville to serve more of the town’s residence with faster speeds and more reliable service.

For more information about service at your home or business in Lobelville, please contact usLobleville.

Totty’s Lumber Company Service Tower

We are pleased to announce High Speed Internet Service is available north of downtown, in what has previously been a broadband dead zone.

Totty’s Lumber Company worked with us to install a service tower at the lumber yard and we are now able to cover a significant number of homes that previously had no broadband Internet service available to them.

This tower will have an immediate range of about 3 miles with good line of site and the potential to serve well situated houses at a much further distance.  This means that any house or business on Highway 100 between the Sonic and the Fairfield area should give us a call if they are interested in high speed broadband Internet service.  Look for an updated service map coming soon.

In addition to providing a much larger service area, we will be able to add higher speed packages in the near future as well.  Keep an eye on the blog for more information regarding speed packages

Be sure to stop in at Totty’s and tell them thank you for their contribution in bringing Air Fiber to Hickman County!